Meditation by Venerable Yung Dong

January 1, 2017


Modern life is complex and disordered; we need

the power of meditative concentration to calm our

restless minds and bodies. The wave of industrialization that has swept across the globe since the twentieth century has quickened the pace of life, and increased production has stimulated people’s desire for

enjoyment. With technology people are now frenetically engaged in making a living all the time and have

forgotten to stop for awhile and look at themselves.

The competitiveness of life has made the sense of

alienation between people more and more severe;

and excessive sensual enjoyment has anesthetized

the spirit. The words “nothingness” and “loss” are

now commonplace in our modern era. Meditation is

truly the best medicine to mend the abuses of our times.


Meditation by Venerable Yung Dong, is an event co-organised by BLIAWA and Fo Guang Shan WA, in order to give an excellent opportunity for public to join us in search of tranquility in our busy lives. Venerable Yung Tung, PhD in Religious Studies,  currently is director for Nan Tien Institute at Wollongong. 


We welcome you to join us for this 1.5 hours meditation retreat. 

Date: 13th January 2017

Time: 7.30 - 9.00pm

Venue: Fo Guang Shan WA, 280 Guildford Road, Maylands, WA 6051.

Please RSVP via or 08 9371 0048.


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