Harmony Day - The Story of Flour

Join us in celebration of Harmony Day, an initiative by the Office of Multicultural Interests to encourage people from diverse backgrounds to experience, explore and appreciate our wealth of cultural, religious, linguistic and ethnic diversity.

This year, we are adopting FLOUR as the main topic to connect each and every one of us as a unified community. Listen to representatives from various ethnic groups tell their story of how they make use of flour to produce their unique traditional food.

After enjoying a complimentary lunch provided by Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple WA, you are invited to linger for an afternoon of mindful experience at the Open Day activities. Have a quiet session of meditation, learn to appreciate a good cup of Chinese tea, try writing Chinese calligraphy or simply stay back for a friendly chat with us.

This is a free event supported by the Office of Multicultural Interests.

We warmly welcome your visit on the day.

Please register your interest via secretary@bliawa.org