Celebrate Buddha's Birthday @ Elizabeth Quay

Bathing the Prince - Buddha's Birthday Perth

Everyone is invited to see, hear and taste a variety of experiences through ceremonies and rituals, cultural displays and exhibits, vegetarian food and multicultural entertainment.

The birthday of the founder of Buddhism, Sakyamuni Buddha, is an annual event which is celebrated all over the world and is the most significant date in the Buddhist calendar.

The quay will be buzzing with activities during the two day event, to spread the message of respect, tolerance, consensus and openness.

The popularity of the Buddha’s Birthday and Multicultural Festival has increased tremendously over the years, bringing together the multicultural, multi-faith community of WA to this free event, giving the opportunity for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike to experience the compassion of the Buddha, learn about other cultures, gain new experiences, or simply be entertained and have a fun day out.

The 2-day Festival aims to provide a variety of activities throughout the day for visitors of all ages and from all cultural backgrounds through ceremonies & rituals, culture & arts, multicultural food and entertainment.

The generous support and recognition over the years from state and local government, businesses and religious organisations, members and friends of BLIAWA, has contributed to the success and made it one of the major annual events to be held in the City of Perth.

The event aims to promote harmonious co-existence among people, and provide visitors an insight into Buddhist teachings and philosophy as a way of life to bring about peace and happiness.Come celebrate the birth of the Buddha and take part in one of Perth's biggest multicultural events @ Elizabeth Quay.