Open your mind with YAD

Openness of the mind - BLIAWA YAD

Want to challenge yourself and learn something different other than study, work, and play? Join our Openness of the Mind camp this September during the Queen's Birthday long weekend (23rd-25th) and amaze yourself with what you can do with a bit of mindfulness, effort, and curiosity!

What is openness? What does having an open mind mean to you? Learn what it means to have an openness of the mind from a Buddhist perspective and how it can help create positivity, peace and mindfulness in your life. Experience a different kind of youth camp where you’re free to express your own opinions and find out the answers to what YOU find most important in your life.

Together with other like-minded youths in this camp, you can decide what kind of world you want to live in and make impactful moves today. You'll also meet amazing and like-minded individuals just like yourself and create everlasting friendships! Have fun while learning how to live a meaningful and fulfilling life through our Buddhist Youth Camp!


Dharma hunt (brainteaser challenges, puzzles, activities)

Talks by Venerables and Special Guests

Dharma classes (Learning about Buddhism)

Team-building activities

Buddhist arts and Craft

Walking Meditation

Buddhist Etiquette

Group discussions