Taking Refuge in the Triple Gem & Five Precepts Ceremony



To promote correct views and understanding of Buddhist Precepts.

To encourage lay Buddhists to uphold the Precepts diligently in daily life.

To propagate Buddhism and to let those who are interested in learning Buddhism

become Buddhists under the Triple Gem.


Refuge Taking: Anyone who would want to be a Buddhist.

Five Precepts: Any Buddhist who wants to observe the precepts in daily life.

3. CEREMONY: 7th April, 2019, Sunday(10:00 am~12:30noon)

4. REGISTRATION: 7th April, 2019, Sunday (9:30 ~ 9:50am)


4th April, 2019, Thursday (19:00pm(Training on how to don the black and brown robe)


280 Guildford Road, Maylands WA 6051 Australia

7. FEE:

- Five Precepts Ceremony: AU$60 must be paid when your application is approved.

Banking details will be provided when approved

- Taking Refuge in the Triple Gem: Donation is welcomed


Application closes on 31st March, 2019.

Application could be done either at the temple premise or

online: www.bliawa.org (or scan the QR code below)

Five Precepts application:

- Please submit a photocopy of your I.D. (e.g. current passport/student card/ID card/driver’s license) one one-inch sized photos and the registration fee together with your application form.

- A confirmation notice will be sent if the application has been successful.


- Please do not bring any valuables such as jewelry or iPad etc.

- All applicants must wear the Black Chanting Robe (can be purchased at the temple), socks and flat-soled shoes (Arhat shoes preferred).

- For those who wish to renew the Precepts, please bring your own cassock (Brown robe).

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