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Young Adult Division (BLIA YAD)



The birth of any nation or organization has its background, causes and conditions. The origin of the 'Buddha's Light International Association—Young Adult Division' is no different. The idea to have a Buddhist youth group started in California, USA, during the 1st American & Canadian Buddhist Youth Camp on March 1996. 


Grand Master Hsing Yun was invited to give a speech during that time, and he pointed out that to understand a nation's future, one must understand the nation's youths; similarly, to know the Buddhism's future, one must evaluate the Buddhist youth's quality. He then mentioned world’s famous leaders of past and present, who has been sacrificed themselves during their youth in order to succeed in their careers. Furthermore, notable Buddhists such as Sakyamuni Buddha and Grand Master Xuen Zhuang had devoted their youth to Buddhism, went through many hardships, and overcame many obstacles, just to accomplish their dedication to Buddhism.


“Youth is Buddhism’s future hope!” It is the Grand Master Hsing Yun’s word that inspired the youth audiences, and encouraged them to be the forerunner of Dharma propagation. Hence, at the BLIA 1st Meeting of the Second Board of Directors which held in Malaysia on April 23rd of 1996, under the Grand Master Hsing Yun’s strong endorsement, BLIA  YAD, an international based Buddhist youth that affiliated with BLIA, was born.


The objetives of the BLIA YAD are;

  • To establish our direction through Humanistic Buddhism

  • To foster leadership skills by forming youth groups

  • To broaden our life experience through activities

  • To deepen our faith in Buddhism through education

  • To enrich our values by contributing to society


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